Soccer 10 Fixture S10 V3 for 18 Nov 2020

See the latest Soccer 10 tips below, which are based on historical data and our prediction algorithm. However, please note these are only predictions and should not be taken as fact.

Betting Opens: Tue 17 Nov
Closes : Wed 18 Nov 21:45
Current Pool: R.00

M1 Poland vs Netherlands : Prediction: HOME (1)
M2 Belgium vs Denmark : Prediction: AWAY (2)
M3 Austria vs Norway : Prediction: DRAW (X)
M4 Wales vs Finland : Prediction : DRAW (X)
M5 Hungary vs Turkey : Prediction : HOME (1)
M6 Israel vs Scotland : Prediction : DRAW (X)
M7 Greece vs Slovenia : Prediction: DRAW (X)
M8 Republic Of Ireland vs Bulgaria : Prediction : DRAW (X)
M9 Bosnia-Herzegovina vs Italy : Prediction: AWAY (2)
M10 England vs Iceland : Prediction : HOME (1)

These are predictions and there is no guarantee of success. Gamble responsibly. No person under the age of 18 are permitted to gamble. Winners know when to stop

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