Soccer 13 S13 V2 Results for 5 September 2019

See the results and payouts for Soccer 13 S13 V2 below.

M1 Faroe Islands vs Sweden . Prediction: AWAY (2)
M2 Romania vs Spain : Prediction: AWAY (2)
M3 Ireland vs Switzerland : Prediction: DRAW (X)
M4 Israel vs Marcedonia : Prediction: DRAW (X)
M5 Finland vs Greece : Prediction: HOME (1)
M6 Germany vs Netherlands : Prediction:
M7 Scotland vs Russia : Prediction:
M8 Slovakia vs Croatia : Prediction:
M9 Slovenia vs Poland : Prediction:
M10 Austria vs Latvia : Prediction:
M11 Estonia vs Belarus : Prediction:
M12 Wales vs Azerbaijan : Prediction:
M13 Cyprus vs Khazakstan : Prediction:

Results: Pending
Net 9/10: Pending
Winners: Pending
Dividend: R.00

Did you win?

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